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 All About Cleo & Bel

 About Cleo & Bel

At Cleo & Bel I love all things unique, handmade and 'craftsy'! I am passionate about the environment & nature and I love working with the following local people and businesses.The 'Wholesome Weigh' shop, The Art Hub windows at the 'Hitchin Bid Office' and 'The Haberdashery Shop' in Hitchin.


Crochet Pattern Testing

I am always so honoured to be invited to be a crochet 'pattern tester'! Please feel free to contact me at


I pattern test for the following lovely, talented and amazing crochet designers :

  • Hannah @HanJan Crochets

  • Catherine @Catherine Crochet

  • Lucia @Lucia_knit  

  • Robyn at The Crafty Bird - @thecraftbird22   

If there are items 'out of stock' on my website, please contact me and I can arrange for an item to be made for you - or perhaps you'd like an item created  in a different colour-way? Please just ask!



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